The big cities to rent a boat with Samboat

Renting a boat between private individuals is a great feat to enjoy the adventure of life on the water. On Samboat, several destinations are in sight in its program. Here are the few big cities on his poster that are the most in demand at the moment.

Your trip at sea with Samboat

A slogan that rhymes well with Samboat's offers and even more so with the new products that this platform offers to its customers every season. The holiday period has been over for some time now, but good tips for getting away on the water with Samboat are still available and with even more requests.

On its interface, this site presents a great opportunity to visit Croatia, Greece, Italy, Corsica. But also offers to find countries where the sun is still present such as Thailand, the West Indies, the Caribbean and others.

Barcelona is on the front page of Samboat

Barcelona is a city in Spain. Life is very easy in Spain and it is a very civilized and modernized country. However, the view of a boat is always different. At the moment, because of the wind speed which is a little strong, rent a boat barcelona is ideal for a skipper. But occasional rental is also available for a promotional price of 50 euros per person per day.

Island of proportion in cruise is Greece

Samboat's vision of Greece. It is a country that has a strong tourist potential when it is well exploited. And with this beautiful view on the water, Greece represents a completely different look for visitors. The right itinerary is mapped out on site for 6 days at sea over 5 nights.

Samboat passengers are insured by Maif insurance, and now this site also offers online Skipper training and free practice on the water for two weeks to get a boat license.


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